Anti Termite Agent
We are a major manufacturer & global supplier of Anti Termite Agent, which is used in commercial applications such as animal repellents and pepper sprays. Because of its cost-effectiveness, it is the better choice for such applications. For instance, it is used to deter pests and especially mammalian pests. These are based on trusted technologies and incorporated with effective inputs & methods. As a result, the Anti Termite Agent is widely applicable in food, research, pharmaceutical, and other commercial usage. We also keep up with safe packaging, reasonable price and easy availability of these products.
Synthetic Capsaicin

 Synthetic Capsaicin in the form of white powder is supplied in sealed packaging. It finds use in medicine, pesticides, chemicals, and other product production processes. It is also effective in stopping rats and termites to cause damages. It must be stored, handled and used with care.

Major Characteristics of Synthetic Capsaicin:

  • Product characteristics: Purely pungent, clear, clean, no aftertaste
  • Flavour industry: seasonings, flavourings, spice blends
  • Pungency: 9.2 Million Scoville Heat Units (9.2 Mio SHU)
  • Confectionary Industry: sweet/hot or sour/hot applications
  • Oral Care Industry : cool/hot applications
  • Law Enforcement Industry: peper spray
  • Stability: High Heat-Stable Compared To Capsaicin
Rat Proofing Solutions

These white microcapsules are proven rat proof solutions with 25 capsaicin content, 0.30.5 bulk density and 1.0 heating weight loss. By controlling mice and rodent in your facility, you can prevent your wires and other assets which they can damage by biting or chewing.

  • Offered Products Are Safe
  • Processed Using The Finest Quality Of Material/ Ingredients.
  • Highest Grade Of Ingredients/ Materials Is Use For The Processing
  • Competitive Pricing Policy
  • Stringent Quality Control Measures

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